I need to bid you all goodbye for the time being as I'm off on holiday tomorrow for the next three weeks yay!

We're going to London tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday it's the Peacock Sewing Case Class with CA Wells. Then Monday we fly to Thailand :)

We're going there for my sisters wedding which is next Saturday on an island in the south of Thailand, Koh Lanta then the following week we're going up to Chiang Mai in the north.

Of course what we hadn't bargained on when we planned this trip at the beginning of the year was me being pregnant =:\ I'm not looking forward to the flights but it will mean that we won't be running around sightseeing as much and I'm planning on a lot of R and R with plenty of stitching and reading :)

I had an appointment with the midwife yesterday and we both got a clean bill of health and the final OK to go.

I'm sure I will connect with an internet connection at some point but I can't guarantee I'll be around till we get back. So I'll offer everyone congratulations, commiserations and hugs as needed in advance and I look forward to seeing what you've all been up to when I get back.


Anonymous said…
Have a safe trip and a fabulous holiday!!!
Susan said…
If you can avoid it, don't take your shoes off on the flight!

I flew to Australia when I was 7 month's pregnant for my sister's wedding. I made the mistake of taking my shoes off on the flight, and for the rest of my pregnancy, I couldn't get them back on again - I had to buy slip-on sandals - my feet got so swollen on the flight.

Have a great trip! Enjoy your CA Wells class!
ElisabethB said…
Have a very nice and sweet travel Karoline. I went to Thaïland several years ago. Think to buy lot of silk for your crafts, it's cheap !! Take the pleasure to visit different Buddha and put some gold sheet on them. May be if you love that, you can find some nice little ceramic boxes in celadon. But take care for and your baby ;-)
And come back with full of pictures for your blog (and us!!!)
dawn said…
Hace a fabulous time

We'll think of you next Saturday!
TeresaB said…
You probably won't get this before you leave, but have fun at the CA Wells class and in Thailand. Can't wait to see your pictures from the trip. Enjoy!
Isabelle said…
Have a great time Karoline!
Sylvie said…
Have a wonderful time Karoline :)
Deanne J said…
Have a fun time and take it easy
Patti said…
I hope you are having a totally wonderful holiday and that your sister's wedding is amazing.
Lots of love
Patti xxx
tkdchick said…
Have a fantastic holiday!!!

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