Wayward Garden Update

Dill thanks you for all the comments to my last post, though she seemed to think that they were only a matter of course. Cats LOL!

Here's this weeks progress on Wayward Garden, I'm past the half way point on the border. Woot!

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My new rotation is going well even though I can't share photo's of the other wips. I should finish the prestitching on the Peacock Case in the next round along with the last of my ornies.

Tomorrow I'm going for my next ultrasound, as far as I know baby is doing well - there have been no signs to the contrary and I'm starting to feel it wriggling around. So keep your fingers crossed the scan goes well.


Nicole said…
Wow, wow, wow!! You are almost done! That is such a huge accomplishment! I'm sure everything will be fine with your scan! Good luck! :)
Susan said…
Great progress - you're almost done, Karoline!
Barbara said…
My fingers and toes are crossed that all's well with the wee one!

Your WG update is gorgeous. I just love watching this project coming together!
Paula said…
It looks great. Good luck with the scan. I'm sure it will go well.
Mindi said…
Wayward Garden is sooo close to being finished, it looks fantastic.
Isabelle said…
WG is gorgeous Karoline.
I hope the scan goes perfectly tomorrow :)
My fingers are crossed that the scan goes well. You won't need my crossed digits though, all will be well :)
Sharon said…
WG looks wonderful! Can't wait to hear about the scan!

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