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A few people asked in the comments if I wasn't going to be stitching for the baby in my new rotation. Well one of the large wips I want to finish, the Dragon Virtues Afghan is destined for the nursery. Our plan at the moment is to decorate with some of the fantasy designs I've stitched over the years so Baby will have no shortage of stitching :) I'm sure I will be stitching a birth sampler at some point before March, probably DT's The Birth Band.

In other news my DH has updated his website, he went on a stroll round the South Bank while I was taking the class with Lauren to play with his new camera :) Here are a couple of my favorites of the photo's.

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HMS Belfast - We went round the ship, the last surviving Second World War Battle Cruiser last year, it's a fascinating museum. Well worth a visit if you're in the vicinity.

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And an arty view across the Thames.

A word of warning for the arachnophobic's amongst you, you might want to give the photo's of the Louise Bourgeois sculpture outside the Tate Modern as miss. You have been warned!


Barbara said…
oooohhhhh - A fantasy-themed nursery sounds so cool!!
Susan said…
Your nursery sounds cool!
TeresaB said…
Sounds like the baby will be surrounded by wonderful stitching.

Took a look at the photo's on your DH's site. Very nice! Have to say I thought the arachnid was kind of cool, but not sure I'd want to be all up close and personal with it in person. ;-)
Carol said…
Nice photos! My DH and I love London!!

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