Sorry I've not been round much recently

Sorry for the lack of updates recently work's been very busy and just collapsing on the sofa when I get home has been a lot more appealing than spending more time in front of the computer. I even haven't got a huge amount of stitching in :(

I've been away for the last couple of weekends, the weekend before last it was a public holiday here so DH and I went down to London for a short break. The highlight of the weekend was a trip out to Hampton Court on the the Sunday as neither of us had been before.

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The Gatehouse

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View of the Georgian palace from the Privy garden.

We took an extended wander around the sections of the Palace that where open to the public and the gardens. We came across this mother and her kids having a little rest :)

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Last weekend I went off to the edge of Ikley Moor to spend the weekend with some fellow Chalet School enthusiasts from the Chaletian Bulletin Board. There was much chatting, eating, knitting and a great time was had by all :) Both weekends I took The Album with me to work on so I will try and take an up to date progress photo for you.


Barbara said…
What gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing!!
BeckySC said…
Those are great photos :)
We miss you!
Susan said…
It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you needed those breaks. Don't work too hard!
Aussie Stitcher said…
I love the duck photo, very cute.

Annemarie said…
The Chalet School sounds intriguing :o)
Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous place!
Isabelle said…
Sorry to hear you've been so swamped Karoline. Lovely pictures of your weekends away! Do take care xxx
Michelle said…
Glad you're back. The photos are wonderful - it sounds like a fantastic trip.
Sylvie said…
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing

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