July's Book Journal

George Monbiot – Amazon Journey
Elsie J Oxenham – A Fiddler for the Abbey
Elsie J Oxenham – Guardian of the Abbey
Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell – Stormchaser
Elsie J Oxenham – Rachel of the Abbey
Elsie J Oxenham – Two Queens at the Abbey
JB Preistley – Johnson over Jorden
Katie Fforde – Highland Fling
Ian Stewart – Flatterland
Elsie J Oxenham – A Go Ahead School
Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell – Midnight over Santaphrax
Elsie J Oxenham – Tickles or the School that was different
Anita Diamant – The Red Tent
Elsie J Oxenham – The Girl who wouldn’t make Friends
JK Rowling – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Barbara said…
Lots of new-to-me authors there!
Susan said…
Wow! I'm impressed that you can read so much in one month; I'm afraid that I've only got time for one hobby, and stitching wins out all the time!

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