Wayward Garden Update

Here's my most recent progress photo of Wayward Garden :) I'm now three quarters of the way round the inner border, just five more sides of border to go (there's another border after this one)

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I mentioned in a previous post that I had placed an order with Isabelle's Etsy shop. I only placed the order on Friday so I was thrilled to find the parcel waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. Thank you so much Isabelle

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The embroidered t-shirt is for the brand new granddaughter of a stitching friend and the bag is for me :) Of course they had to be thoroughly checked out by Tansy LOL

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To answer a couple of questions from the comments:
Claire, I did enjoy Restoration, I think I picked it up after your recommendation somewhere.

Barbara, It's fairly straight forward why I get plenty of time for reading and stitching, we don't have any children and my DH works away from home Monday to Friday most weeks. So I'm home alone a lot and when I've finished my chores I can usually manage around 2 hours of stitching a day. I also commute to work which is when I get most of my reading done. I have to say that if I didn't have my stitching I don't think I would be able to cope so well with being on my own so much :(


Ahhhh, one of my favorite pieces to watch grow. Wayward Garden is so pretty. Your's makes me want to start mine soon, but I have several others in line before it ;)
Carol said…
GORGEOUS bag!! Oh my! And Karoline, can you see that finish line of Wayward Garden? I sure can - I am so happy for you!
tkdchick said…
Wayward is looking great!
Barbara said…
Aw, and here I thought you'd found some way of using one eye for reading a book and the other for reading a chart. I was hoping you'd enlighten me! ;)

I also stitch when Niek is away - the time passes much more pleasantly and it keeps me out of the kids' snacks! LOL!

Isabelle's bag and Tshirt are wonderful!!!
Aussie Stitcher said…
I love the shape of your bag, Isabelle did a wonderful job. Another border on Wayward!!!! I had no idea, it is looking lovely.
Andrea said…
Wayward Garden just keeps getting better and better. Your new bag and t-shirt are wonderful too.
Anonymous said…
Wayward Garden is looking fabulous! Love the new bag too!
Sam said…
WG is looking great Karoline - such lovely colours. You're so nearly there!

I love that little t-shirt! May have to get one for my new goddaughter.... ;o)
tintocktap said…
Your wayward garden looks beautiful! I love all the colours, and I love the colours in your bag from Isabelle.
Michelle said…
Wayward Garden is looking beautiful! I love what you bought from Isabelle too!
Lelia said…
Awesome Bag! Wayward Garden is just beautiful : )
Sharon said…
Wayward garden is so pretty! Looks like you are getting close to being done.
Hi! I found you from another blog! I'm so glad I came or I wouldn't have seen you fab Wayward Garden!! It's amazing and your dragon projects are just great!

I ordered from Isabelle too and her pieces are just too cute! Your new bag is gorge!

Anyway, just thought I'd pop by to say 'HI'! :D

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