Book Journal - June

Ian Rankin – Set in Darkness
Elsie J Oxenham – Rosamund’s Castle
Elsie J Oxenham – Maid of the Abbey *
Granta – The Group
Pat Willimott – The Chalet School Librarian
Elsie J Oxenham – Joy’s New Adventure
Pete McCarthy – McCarthy’s Bar
Elsie J Oxenham – Jandy Mac Comes back *
JK Rowling – Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them
Elsie J Oxenham – Two Joans at the Abbey *
Rose Tremain – Restoration
Elsie J Oxenham – An Abbey Champion
Janet Evanovich – High Five
Elsie J Oxenham – Robins in the Abbey *

* - reread


Barbara said…
Okay, now you have to tell us how you get so much stitching AND reading done! I've tried to combine them, but it just doesn't work. ;)
ollie1976 said…
Great month of reading.
Seahorse said…
Did you enjoy 'Restoration'? One of my all time faves!

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