Folk Art Hornbook

I've spent the last couple of weekends working on my piece for the Summer Quaker exchange on the SBEBB, I finished the stitching this weekend and was able to move onto something else, Hillside Samplings Folk Art Hornbook. Thanks to a gripping final at the Artois Championship at Queens club I was able to get a good chunk done :)

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To answer a couple of questions that I've been asked.
Annemarie I hope to get Dragon Ride finished this week, I'm onto the beading on the border :)

Helen, almost all the classes I do are through Hanging by a Thread, the exception was the Ackworth Seminar that I heard about through the Legacy BB


Barbara said…
It's looking great, Karoline!
Michelle said…
Your Hornbook is looking great - can't wait to see it finished up!
Isabelle said…
That is going to be so pretty, Karoline! Great stitching as always on your blog!
Chelle said…
What a great alphabet. I really like this project!
Goldie said…
That's looking great, Karoline!
tkdchick said…
That looks like an interesting piece

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