Edinburgh Trip

We had a lovely time in Edinburgh for the bank holiday weekend. We were both in need of some serious chill-out time so instead of charging round we made sure that we had plenty of sitting down time, so much so that we both read several books each and I can’t remember the last time that happened!

On Saturday our first destination was the Museum of Childhood as they have a small exhibition of Samplers on at the moment, ‘Love is Sunshine, Love One Another’ School samplers of the 19th Century. It’s only a small exhibition but it was very interesting as they also had examples of the types of books and tools that the girls would have used. After that we wandered further down the road and I indulged in my other expensive hobby (Girls Own books) at the Old Childrens Bookshop. After much deliberation I decided to upgrade my copy of Elsie J Oxenham’s The Abbey Girls Again to an unabridged version and pick up Heather Paisley’s New Beginnings at the Chalet School. I could have spent a good deal more but DH insisted on taking my credit card into safe keeping before I went in (probably just as well LOL)

On Sunday we just pottered around and I tried on most of the dresses in Debenhams, East and Monsoon. My sister is getting married in November in Thailand, so I need to find an outfit now while the summer stock is in the shops. I eventually decided on a linen dress from the John Rocha Collection at Debenhams that fit perfectly (unfortunately I can’t find a photo online).

On Monday as the weather was a bit iffy we went up to the Castle. It must be a good 20 years since I was last there and it seemed to have shrunk a bit LOL. We had a good wander round but passed on going into the Royal Apartments as there was a massive queue. After the castle we just bumbled round the Old town until we decided to go get something to eat prior to catching our train. As always DH took loads of photo’s and when he’s had chance to process them I’ll get some up.


Goldie said…
Glad to hear that you had a nice time! Wayward Garden is looking beautiful!
Seahorse said…
Sounds like a really lovely, relaxing break :)

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