Wayward Garden Update

Here's this weeks progress on Wayward Garden, I should get this side of the border finished next week :)

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I had a tough day at work yesterday so it was a real pick me up to come home to an envelope from Elegant Stitch. I ordered the new Essie, 3 Down and 3 In and Partita by Drawn Thread.

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I also picked up some new (to me) embroidery books. One of the ladies at my craft group brought them in, they belonged to a friend of hers who can't stitch anymore :( and she wanted to make sure that her books went to good homes. I was happy to oblige with these two.

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Of course while I was taking the photo's this morning Dill had to come and check what I was doing LOL

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Anonymous said…
Great stash and lovely progress on WG Karoline! Dill is so cute :)
Oh, one of my favorite posts to watch for. Wayward Garden! It is so beautiful. I still can't believe I had this chart in my hand at a shop recently and didn't buy it ;)
Vonna said…
WG is looking so spectacular! I'm sure your thrilled with your progress! It looks like you got a bunch of great stitchy stash too! And you have such a cutie kitty :)
Barbara said…
That Dill is such a charmer!

Your new-to-you books look very interesting - enjoy! And your WG progress is a delight. :D
Isabelle said…
Aww, sweet kitty! :) You made great progress on Wayward Garden. Have a lovely weekend!
Aussie Stitcher said…
Wayward Garden is coming along very nicely, love the colors in it. Great photo of your Kitty.

ollie1976 said…
Love the coloring on Dill!
Belinda said…
Good stash can certainly turn a day around! Wayward Garden is looking beautiful, and Dill looks quite pleased with himself (herself?)!
BeckySC said…
Great stash and WG is looking great!
Carol said…
Sure can see the light at the end of the tunnel with WG now!! Partita is beautiful too!
Margie said…
Beautiful! I love Dill - what a sweetheart. :-)
tkdchick said…
YOur garden is looking fantastic... dosen't stash always cheer one up?

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