Framing and Knitting

Top of my to do list for today was to go to the framers and pick up Silkwood Manor, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

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As it was the knitting circle last week I thought I'd share some progress photo's on my wips. First is my attempt at a Quaker pinball from the Tokens of Love book. I'm about half way up my first side.

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And here's my current sock in progress, I've reached the heel on this one. This is the second sock so progress is a bit slower LOL

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Thank you all for your kind comments on my Needleroll and Wayward Garden


KarenV said…
I love the colour of your sock Karoline. The pinball is looking great and SM looks wonderful all framed up!
Seahorse said…
The Quaker Pinball is just amazing. Such patience!

Silkwood Manor is gorgeous.
Annemarie said…
Ooh! you're doing the Quaker pinballs! I can't wait to see your progress, and to hear your verdict on the designs.
Love the framed piece!
Vonna said…
Oh, your Silkwood Manor looks magnificent! Your Quaker Ball is going to be super too :)
Silkwood Manor came out just beautifully, and I love the sock you've started ;)
tkdchick said…
You've been tagged... see my blog
Barbara said…
Oh, your pinball is so exciting. I just love those. :) And your framed Manor is utterly stunning. WOW!!!
tkdchick said…
Silkwood looks fabulous! Great frame choice!
StitchinManiac said…
Wow! I love your Silkwood Manor and the frame you chose. I'm also in awe that you can knit such a tiny little piece!
Andrea said…
Silkwood Manor is beautifully framed. Great progress on the knitting too.

Wayward Garden is sure growing, isn't it?!
Katrina said…
Everything is so pretty! I love your Silkwood Manor :-).
BeckySC said…
WOW, perfect frame choice :) It looks wonderful!
Paula said…
Silkwood manor looks great. The quaker pinball is amazing and I really like the sock too.
lena-lou said…
oooooh how gorgeous does your SM look!! WOW
The quaker pinball will be stunning my Mum has not finished mine yet either...hmmmm I'll have to have a word with ;-)
Have a nice week
cally said…
Nifty pinball!
I love the process of knitting but sadly my result have always left much to be desired if I try anything fancy.

That book 'Stitches of Creative Embroidery', such memories. I don't know who had it, maybe a friends mum? but I remember I used to love delving in for a look. I didn't have much embroidery thread so I used to just draw the patterns in felt tips and make paper quilts for my dolls house (age 8).

Thanks for your comment at my blog, you are the 1st UK commenter to reveal yourself so you get the 'undying appreciation' prize (which, sadly, is just my undying appreciation, though if I was rich it would be vast skeins of wool, flowers, organic chocolates and).

I'm dying to know who all the UK people are, I thought there were only 5 who knew about me but the England has the biggest dot of all on that Clustr map.

I hope the sun shines on Leeds all week :0)
Katrina said…
I bet you are thrilled with Silkwood Manor, looks wonderful Karoline.

The quaker pinball looks interesting, I was just looking at the pattern book for these the other day so I'll look forward to seeing your progress on it :)
Von said…
Silkwood Manor looks fantastic all framed up - enjoy!!

Your knitting is incredible - I especially love the color of the yarn. :D

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