Wayward Garden Update

Thank you for all the comments on my ornie :) Here's this weeks progress on Wayward Garden, next week I'll finish the honeysuckle and continue down the centre section.

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In the comments last week Carol asked me how I managed the chart for this sampler so I took a snap of my stitching corner to show my set up. As you can see when I'm working on the larger pieces I use my Lowery stand and with it I have a magnetic sheet to hold my charts. Hope this answers your question Carol.

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Seahorse said…
I love seeing pics of where people do their stitching and knitting! We have the same sofas!
Barbara said…
Oh, that's a clever little helper to have! I usually have my chart on my lap, under my stitching.
bunnyhead said…
Great pic of your sanctuary. You have some fabulous tools. I have everything spread out all over.
Isabelle said…
Your stitching corner looks so comfy, Caroline :) Wayward Garden is getting prettier and prettier!
Carol said…
Yes, that photo helped! Thanky you dear friend!! Oh, the sampler is beyond stunning. You will definitely see me starting this one this year! I have made the official decision today - just need to figure out which upcoming finish will give up its spot for it!
BeckySC said…
Your progress is gorgeous :)

I have a stand that hubby "rigged" up for me about 15 years ago that holds my charts while stitching....I couldn't do without it :)
Sheila said…
I too love seeing where people do their stitching - are you left-handed?
I haven't commented recently, but all your stitching, esp. WG, is coming along beautifully.
Anonymous said…
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