January Achievments and February Goals

For January I said I would:
Start the Silkwood Manor Needle Park - Nope
Stitch another filler star on the Afgan, start the third of the moons - Nope
Finish the Teaching Band Samper – Almost finished the outside border
Stitch the rider on Dragon Ride and do some more backstitch - Nope
Finish the prep work on the pre-stitching and start the first panel. - Yes
Participate in the Needleroll and Christmas Ornie SAL’s – Stitched Earth Threads Christmas pines for the ornie SAL
Progress Wayward Garden. - Yes
Start IR’s Victorian Elegance - Yes
Do some finishing - Nope
Finish my cardigan. – Just the side seams to go
(kind of obvious that I started working again this month LOL)

For February I will:
Stitch another two Medallions on Maria Spence
Finish Teaching Band Sampler
Work on Dragon Ride
Continue with the FMIS pre-stitching
Participate in the Christmas Ornie SAL
Progress Wayward Garden
Complete my piece for the Redwork Exchange
Work on Victorian Elegance
Finish the cardigan and start a side of a pinball


Susan said…
At least you have an excuse for not getting as much done as you had hoped for.
Barbara said…
Working really cuts into the stitching time, doesn't it? LOL! I have the same problem.
Terri said…
Isn't it awful when life gets in the way! LOL I'm not looking forward to losing my stitching time either :(
Scully said…
Congratulations on the job front once again Karoline :) I love the Christmas pine trees design, it looks really lovely. Well done.

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