Februrary Achievments and March Goals

For February I said I would:
Stitch another two Medallions on Maria Spence – It got worked on but I only managed half a part medallion
Finish Teaching Band Sampler - Done
Work on Dragon Ride - Yes
Continue with the FMIS pre-stitching - Yes
Participate in the Christmas Ornie SAL – Started FMIS A stained glass noel
Progress Wayward Garden - Yes
Complete my piece for the Redwork Exchange - Done
Work on Victorian Elegance - Nope
Finish the cardigan and start a side of a pinball – Done, also started a pair of socks

For March I will:
Progress Wayward Garden
Progress Dragon Ride
Progress Maria Spence
Participate in the Needleroll and Christmas ornie SAL’s
Continue with the FMIS pre-stitching
Work on Victorian Elegance
Finish the first sock and continue with the pin ball


Carol said…
Great job Karoline - you got plenty done :-)
Looks like February was a successful month! Good luck in March:)
Luciluna said…
Question - do you always use a hoop when working, or do you ever use stretcher bars?

Also, please visit
for a question about stitching that I'd like my stitching friends to answer.

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