2006 Stitching Review and 2007 Goals

I had a very profitable stitching year in 2006, no studying and being out of work for the second half of the year is very good for my stitching time LOL!

Here are my finishes for 2006:
Ackworth Tulip Medallion(Exchange)
Ackworth Redwork Garland
At the Hop - My Wurk
Birds of a Feather - Keep Christmas in my Heart
Brightneedle - Circle of Hope
CA Wells - Finishing Companion
CA Wells - La Lapin
Chessie and Me - Chessies Tree
Drawn Thread - Toccata No. 2
Drawn Thread - A Giving Heart
Drawn Thread - Miniature Bellpull
Drawn Thread - Summer Arbor
Drawn Thread - Caron Keeper
Drawn Thread - Sunflower Centre
Drawn Thread - Autumn
Drawn Thread - Four Fat Friends
Drawn Thread - Autumn Arbor
Charlotte Dudley - Lend a Hand
Earth Threads - Needlecase
Elegant Stitch - This Too Shall Pass Scissor Keep
Elegant Stitch - From the Heart Pocket
Glory Bee - Love Pincushion
Heartstrings - Leading the Way Santa
Just Nan - Spring Fantasy
Just Nan - Nosegay
Just Nan - Silkwood Manor
Indigo Rose - Rose of Hope
Indigo Rose - Bee Charmer
Ladybug Lane Designs - Feeling Groovy
M Designs - Cure Tree
Merry Cox - Ornie 2000
Merry Cox – Birds and Berries
Milady's Needle - Ray of Hope Key Fob
Moss Creek - Celtic Christmas
Nostalgic Needle - Tudor Rose Ornie

Pine Mountain
Designs -I love my Cat
Sampler Cove - Hallies Heart
Sarah May Designs - Violet Sampler
Shepherds Bush - Heartfelt Flower
Shepherds Bush - Shepherds Heart
Shepherds Bush -Shepherds Fob
Shepherds Bush - Shepherds Roll
Teresa Wentzler - Beginner Whitework
Textile Heritage Co - Tudor Heart Needlecase
Valerie Pfiffer - Chickberry
Victoria Sampler - BCS 2-1
Victoria Sampler - BCS 2-6
Victoria Sampler - BCS 5-9
Victoria Sampler - Heirloom Anniversary Sampler
Victoria Sampler - Forever Friends
With my Needle - Peaceful Willows
Workbasket - Peacocks 2
Workbasket - Rejoice

The Stats are:
WIPs at start of year : 12New Starts : 54
Finishes : 53
WIPs at end of Year : 13

As far as my 2006 goals went I did pretty well, the only goal I didn't meet was to finish Dragon Ride but as I've worked on it steadily throughout the year I'm not particularly disappointed on that one.

My goals for 2007 are:

Above all to enjoy my stitching :)

I'd like to finish: Dragon Ride, Wayward Garden, Dragon Virtues and Forget Me Knot's In stitches Album
I would like to make significant progress on Maria Spence and CA Well's Pyramid Etui
I'm not going to make any goals as to new starts because that is entirely down to what is screaming at me the loudest when I have a free slot in my rotation.

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post LOL I'd like to thank everyone who has read and commented on my blog this year, you've all made a difficult year a lot easier and your comments mean a lot to me. I'd like to wish you all a great 2007.


Susan said…
Karoline - for 2006 I'm grateful that you organized the GTG in Leeds for Kate and myself, and that you came down to London for the London GTG - you definitely helped make my 2006 a year to remember!

I'm impressed with all your finishes for 2006!
Sue said…
Yikes, I can't believe how many things you finished in one year. I hope you are feeling great about that.
The future is bright. Happy New Year, CJ
Isabelle said…
What a wonderful long list of finishes!!

Happy New Year, Karoline! Reading your blog is always a treat :)
Paula said…
Great list of finishes Karoline. I hope that 2007 brings good job news for you.
tkdchick said…
What a huge list of finishes!!!
lucialoo said…
wow ! you can be proud of yourself ! your list is amazing ! congratulation for all these beautiful pieces.
Anonymous said…
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