October Achievements and November Goals

Finish the Needlework Smalls Exchange - Done
Finish the Sampler House Exchange - Done
Finish the Border on Silkwood Manor - Done
Continue backstitching the border and cross stitching the wings on Dragon Ride - Done
Finish the filler star and start the next dragon on Dragon Virtues - Done
Finish the centre section of the Teaching Band Sampler – No got ¾ of the way down.
Finish stitching the smalls for Take a Lovely Sampler – No, there was a change of plan and I worked on CA Wells La Lapin pocket for the class in November.
Stitch the October Essies Friends – Almost finished
Finish Autumn Arbor - Done
Do some finishing - Yes
Start stitching ornies – Yes, one down
Finish Falling Leaves socks – Done
For November will:
Finish Silkwood Manor
Finish the wings on Dragon Ride and continue to backstitch the border.
Finish cross stitching the next dragon on my Afghan
Finish the centre section of the Teaching Band sampler and start the border
Finish and ‘finish’ the La Lapin Pocket
Finish The Bee Charmer
Stitch at least 3 ornies
Do some finishing
Finish Branching out scarf


Barbara said…
Hey Karoline, great job with your goals! Lots of stitching accomplished!! :)
Carol said…
Awesome job with your stitching goals in October! Way to go!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic job on your goals - way to go!

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