Friday, November 03, 2006

I lost my stitching corner!

I came down to do some stitching yesterday and found I'd lost my stitching corner, it was just catching the afternoon sun so I'd lost it to two sunbathers. They looked far too cute and comfortable so I had to move my stitching LOL

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On Tuesday I was working on Dragon Ride, I'm really pleased with my progress. I'm now one wing down and the second one won't take nearly so much stitching.

I've also been working on The Teaching Band Sampler, when I get some time to stitch on it, it's growing really quickly. Sadly I've had a lot of busy Wednesdays so I've not got as much time in as I'd like but it's still an enjoyable stitch.

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KarenV said...

Awww! They look so contented lying there :)

Nice progress on your WIPs!

Anonymous said...

Your WIPS look just fantastic! The kitties look so sweet...just like a cat to take over your spot though:)

lena-lou said...

Your cats do look so cute, I move for my pets I love the teaching sampler you are working on :-) Have a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

Dragon ride is looking fabulous! and your kitties - awwwww so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, the cats look very cozy in your corner. Sweet of you to move your stitching! Dragon Ride & Teaching Sampler look great so far

TGIF - enjoy the week-end

Sue said...

Great stitching and I love the pic of the kitties.

Joanie said...

Your kitties look so comfy...I wouldn't have been able to move them either! I love your's fantastic! I won't show my son or it'll end up on my stitching to-do list!

Barbara said...

Your dragon's wing is incredible!!

And your kitties are adorable. :)

Vero M said...

Same thing at home Karoline !! and my daughter was here too as she was sitting by me, learning her lesson !!!


Anonymous said... sweet!
Hello from a fellow cat lover (Canada here).
I like your blog!

Emily said...

Those cats are so adorable!!!!!!
Beautiful stitching too :-)

Adana said...

See how you posted a picture of those kitties and they completely upstaged your stitching? Let that be a lesson to you. LOL I like kitties ok, yours look like a hoot, but AAAAACHHHHHOOOOOOOO, I'm allergic. Your DT is smashing and while I have that one kitted up, for years now, I need to stitch it or give up the idea of stitching it.

Tanya said...

Too kitty-cute! My cat sneaks up and takes my stitching space so I can relate. Your felines are adorable.