Silkwood Manor Progress

As Dave got back from his travels at the weekend I can start sharing my wip photo's with you again :) Yesterday it was Silkwood Manors turn for some attention. As you can see I've not got far to go now I'm onto the bottom section then it's just the beading to go.

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I can now show you what I received in the Needlework Smalls and Sampler House exchanges. First is a scissor pocket and needlebook by Paula, using a design by Merry Cox from the Shepherds Bush retreat. She included a dinky pair of scissors with a beautiful beaded fob.

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And from Anzia I received this gorgeous Pin keep with motifs from the Drawn Thread.

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Aren't they both gorgeous, thank you very much Paula and Anzia.


catandturtle said…
OMG, silkwood manor is just gorgeous! It is a stunning piece and your stitching is great! Ann.
Goldie said…
OH MY!!! That is gorgeous! You are nearly there~ Great exchange pieces too!
Isabelle said…
You are so close to a happy dance on Silkwood Manor :)
And those exchanges are gorgeous! :)
AnneS said…
You are sooooo close to a happy dance now with SM :) And your exchanges are lovely :)
Carol said…
You are only about a breath away from finishing Silkwood Manor now - how wonderful! What a cute pinkeep from Aniza :-)
Anita said…
The silkwood manor is such a big project and it is looking very great. You got some great exchange pieces as well.
A n i z a said…
Your picture of the pinkeep is lot nicer than mine. I love your idea of SHE for Jane! Brilliantly stitched and finished.

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