New header Image

One of my reasons for changing my template this summer was to get one that would allow me to use(show off LOL) some of our own photo's to personalise my blog. The new picture up top is one I took of Lake Ohrid when I was in Macedonia at the beginning of April. Enjoy :)

In other stitching news on the afghan I have finally finished the filler star I've been working on and have been able to move onto the next dragon. I've had a bad attack of the frogs on the star and it felt like it took forever to do. :) So look for a scan of my progress on the dragon next week when I have stitched enough to make it worth while.


Susan said…
What a beautiful picture - and what a great idea, to be able to show off your own pictures!
Barbara said…
I LOVE this picture!!
Anonymous said…
Make some blog header images on (even use your own images).

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