Redwork Exchange

I realised yesterday that I'd never posted about the redwork exchange I sent out to my partner Rosa. I stitched a pocket using Quaker motifs from the Ackworth pattern book on some white linen from my stash and using GAST Buckeye Scarlet.

Here's the front of the pocket:

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The back:

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and the inside:

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Mandella said…
It's lovely. I hope she was thrilled with it.
Isabelle said…
That's a lovely pocket! Great exchange :)
AnneS said…
Your redwork exchange for Rosa is gorgeous - I love it :D
BeckySC said…
Beautiful work, Karoline! Congratulations :)
Chelle said…
It is beautiful! Lovely finishing!
Anita said…
It is very pretty. The finishing
is wonderful.
Jenna said…
Well done Karoline! It's beautiful. :)

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