Ornie Exchange

Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes :) I really appreciate all the comments from you all.
I can now show off another of my exchange finishes from the Ornie exchange on the Rotation BB as I heard that it's arrived at it's new home. I stitched Rejoice by The Workbasket from the 2005 JCS ornie edition for Angi.

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Waiting for me when I got home on Sunday was this lovely ornie from Goldie.

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While I'm not working I've decided to revamp my rotation. As you might imagine I'm getting a fair bit of stitching time at the moment so I've decided to change projects everyday rather than after 10 hour blocks during the week. So there should be more regular updates! Here is yesterdays progress on Silkwood Manor. I finished the over one bee and started the last part of the centre section. It's been a couple of months since I last worked on this so I really enjoyed myself :)

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Rowyn said…
Happy belated birthday, and wow what beautiful stitching!
Carol said…
Your Silkwood Manor is simply stunning! So much prettier than the picture on the chart! Nice!!
Susan said…
I love your ornaments! Silkwood Manor is beautiful!
Jenna said…
Silkwood Manor looks really nice. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time on it. :)
Adana said…
I have not been able to get this Workbasket ornament out of my head from the first time I saw it and your finishing of it is just beautiful. You did it proud.

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