Tuesday, August 08, 2006

July Achievements and August Goals

For July I said I would:
Finish VS BCS 2-6 - Done
Start VS Heirloom Anniversary Sampler – Almost at the halfway point
Complete my House Exchange – Stitching’s finished, just need to ‘finish’ it
Complete my Scissor Fob Exchange - Done
Start the pre-stitching for my Lauren Sauer class - Nope
Stitch this months Essies Friends - Nope
Work on the Shepherds Roll - Done
Finish the WDM tablecloth - Done
'Finish' something from the pile(anything I'm not bothered what) – Finished my SB Shepherds Fob
Finish Falling Leaves socks – No, I restarted them as the sizing wasn’t right
Finish Jumper – Nope

For August I will
Finish Heirloom Anniversary Sampler
Finish my House Exchange piece
Finish my Ornament Exchange piece
Complete my Redwork Exchange piece
Start the pre-stitching for my Lauren Sauer class
Catch up with the last two Essies Friends
Work on the Shepherds Roll
Do some finishing
Finish my Jumper
Finish Falling Leaves socks

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tkdchick said...

Thanks for sharing your goals. I find they really help keep me focused and on track from month-to-month!