July Achievements and August Goals

For July I said I would:
Finish VS BCS 2-6 - Done
Start VS Heirloom Anniversary Sampler – Almost at the halfway point
Complete my House Exchange – Stitching’s finished, just need to ‘finish’ it
Complete my Scissor Fob Exchange - Done
Start the pre-stitching for my Lauren Sauer class - Nope
Stitch this months Essies Friends - Nope
Work on the Shepherds Roll - Done
Finish the WDM tablecloth - Done
'Finish' something from the pile(anything I'm not bothered what) – Finished my SB Shepherds Fob
Finish Falling Leaves socks – No, I restarted them as the sizing wasn’t right
Finish Jumper – Nope

For August I will
Finish Heirloom Anniversary Sampler
Finish my House Exchange piece
Finish my Ornament Exchange piece
Complete my Redwork Exchange piece
Start the pre-stitching for my Lauren Sauer class
Catch up with the last two Essies Friends
Work on the Shepherds Roll
Do some finishing
Finish my Jumper
Finish Falling Leaves socks


tkdchick said…
Thanks for sharing your goals. I find they really help keep me focused and on track from month-to-month!

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