The Sweet Sound of Silence

The alarm finally got turned off some time this morning :) The Environmental Health people managed to track down a key holder for the property and lent on them to switch the fire alarm off. Bliss! I am so looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight :)

Now back to our regular scheduled stitching blog, here are my achievements goals and for June and July.

For June I said I would:
Finish the cross stitching Patience Virtue - Done
Finish the Bands section on Silkwood Manor and start the right hand borders – Didn’t get to this one
Continue backstitching the border and cross stitching the wing on Dragon Ride – Didn’t get to this one
Stitch two of the bargello triangles and one of the large sides on Pyramid Etui – Didn’t get to this one
‘Finish’ Birds and Berries and Shepherds Fob - Nope
Start a SAL on DT’s Summer Arbor - Done
Stitch this months Essies Friends - Done
Finish the WDM tablecloth – Almost done
Finish my jumper – Just the neckband to go once I stitch it up
Start VS Heirloom Anniversary Sampler – Not yet, have worked on BCS 2-1 and 2-6 to practise my ribbon embroidery

I also started SB’s Shepherds Roll for the needleroll SAL

For July I will
Finish VS BCS 2-6
Start VS Heirloom Anniversary Sampler
Complete my House Exchange
Complete my Scissor Fob Exchange
Start the pre-stitching for my Lauren Sauer class
Work on Shepherds needleroll
Stitch this months Essies Friends
Finish the WDM tablecloth
Finish Falling Leaves socks
Finish Jumper


Jenna said…
Goodness, it's about time they got it shut off!
Oh, goodness! You're probably still hearing it...
Karin said…
Glad you got the alarm sorted out! Your ears must still be ringing!
Barbara said…
So glad you managed to get some sleep! What a pain!!
symiote said…
Thank you for your message on my blog ! and you are right, it's a Drawn Thread !! Bravo !
I'll show the rest as I do it this day
Lelia said…
Oh, what a racket those alarms make!! Gesh.

I admire your list. I've tried lists & they don't really work out for me. I suppose I'm more of a deadline stitcher -- get it done before a certain date/time.
That alarm must have benn torture so glad for you that it is off. Good luck with your July goals,

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