A nice chilled out weekend

DH and I where in serious need of a relatively chilled weekend with no alarm clocks and by and large we've managed it :) Yesterday after a serious lie-in we pottered at jobs round the house then headed across to York for a mooch round the shops and tea. I popped into the Viking Loom to get some fabric for finishing. It's becoming very depressing to go in these days as the amount of cross-stitching supplies shrinks every time I go in. I used to spend hours in their browsing (and spent a lot!) but now there's no point. 

 After a wander round getting our messages we went upto one of our favorite restaraunts - Meltons 2 for a meal of Tapas. M2 does the best tapas I've had outside of Grenada.  

Today I've been doing a bit of finishing on two scissor fobs, one for an exchange on the rotation BB the other the Shepherds fob I stitched in May. Both fobs are now stuffed and just need the cord to go round the outside.

 Otherwise I've just been working on The Victoria Samplers Heirloom Anniversary Sampler, I'm making slow progress on this one so far as I've had to frog almost as much as I've stitched because I totally lost the ability to count at one stage but I'm hoping I've got past that stage now. Fingers crossed!


tkdchick said…
I look forward to seeing your finished fobs!

Good start on your VS project!
Sandra said…
I agree with what you say about the Viking Loom, it used to be such a great shop, now there is a whole room full of scrapbooking stuff instead. Whereabouts are you? I'm near Thirsk, about 20 miles from York.
lena-lou said…
I too love going to York but know exactly what you and Sandra mean about The Viking Loom all our UK shops seem to be heading the same way if they stay open at all :-(

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