Interview update

Well I think that the interview went reasonably well, it's the first one I've had since I interviewed for my current position(three years ago) so my skills are a bit rusty but I had an answer for everything they asked me which is the best I can hope for really. I should find out the result next week.

As it's a holiday weekend here in the UK, DH and I are off to Glasgow till Monday. The plan is just to chill out and relax. See you all in Monday :)


Jenna said…
Have a great holiday weekend in Glasgow!
Susan said…
I didn't read about the interview before - what's the new position?

Have fun in Glasgow!
Von said…
Hi Karoline!
How was your weekend in Glasgow? Hope you had fine weather and lots of relaxation.
tkdchick said…
Best of luck and hope you enjoyed your weekend away!

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