Dragon Ride Progress

I finished my slot on Dragon Ride on Friday as you can see I worked on the purple/pink section of the wing and almost got it finished. I think that I must be about the halfway point on this one now.

Last night I went to see Salif Keita at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, he was absolutely stunning with a real party atmosphere which by the end of the gig had spread to the stage. It’s the first time I’ve seen the road crew drag the artist from the stage because he wants to keep playing! The concert was recorded by the BBC and is going to be broadcast on Radio 3 next Saturday I strongly recommend a listen.
The support act, Julia Sarr and Patrice Larose were good as well, an intriguing mix of Flamenco guitar and Senegalese singing.


liz said…
Love your DR. It looks great.
Beverly said…
You are really making progress! Great colors.
Belinda said…
Danni said…
Great progrss on Dragon Ride, it is looking lovely.

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