Well I'm back in circulation again (just about!)

Our meeting in Macedonia went pretty well, a few tense moments but that's par for the course. The area we were in was stunningly beautiful, I will be posting pictures later on this week.
Last week was just as busy as before I went away, so much for life quietening down now that the meeting was over! Susan was in the UK and I wanted to take the opportunities there were to spend time with her.
We were partners in a Seasonal exchange for a couple of years so it was lovely to actually meet in person. We had two gtg's one here in Leeds with Kate, who was also visiting from the US, Lindsay and Russ, Scully, Rachel and Kate. (Oh and we all forgot our cameras DOH!)
Then on Friday there was another gtg at Debbie's with from left to right: Debbie, Me, Amanda and Susan
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Susan said…
Karoline - I was thrilled to have the chance to get together, and to have 2 GTGs while I was over there was fantastic!

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