I made the mistake of having the camera out in front of Dill who promptly turned up the 'cute' to make sure she got in frame as well LOL Posted by Picasa


AnneS said…
Awwww, cute little Dill - what a gorgeous kitty, and photo :)
Julie said…
Your progress on Tocatta Two is AMAZING! I am working on this one, but it hasn't had nearly the attention it should have had. Have you done Tocatta One?

BTW: Dill is wonderful!!!!!

Sylvie said…
Awww, what a lovely kitty!!!
Sharon J said…
She reminds me of Daisy, the cat we used to have. Because I can't have cats anymore, she now lives with my friend although we get to see her every week. Bless... they do know how to turn on the charm, that's for sure.

~Sharon J

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