Rotation Update

Sorry I've not been around this week, life seemed to get busy and I don't seem to have had any time for anything much recently. The joy's of being back at work =:/

Anyway as you can see I've uploaded some pictures of what I've been working on recently. I revamped my rotation for the new year and have gone back to a timed rotation with 10 hour slots for my larger wips and a 5 hour focus piece slot in between for exchange/ornies/smaller pieces, as one of my goals for this year is to stitch some of the smaller designs I have in my stash. It's quite a small rotation with only 5 wips in it as that's my personal comfort level for wips.

The large pieces that I have in rotation at the moment are:
1. Dragon Dreams - Dragon Virtues Afgan
2. Just Nan - Silkwood Manor
3. Teresa Wentzler - Dragon Ride

The fourth of the large slots is for class pieces currently it's taken by CA Wells finishing companion, then I will work through the other class wips I have, or add in some pr-estitching as it becomes necessary. I have the following class pieces to finish CA Wells Pyramid Etui and Whitework Companion, Merry Cox's Birds and Berries and Eileen Bennett's Juda Hale in Miniature

In my focus slot at the moment is the 'From the Heart' Pocket from Elegant Stitch.


AnneS said…
Your new rotation looks wonderful, Karoline - some beautiful pieces in there!

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