Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wagon? What Wagon...

The results of a trip to Hobbycraft just to pick up some foam core! I also acquired 9 skeins of Rowan Rowanspun DK to knit the jumper on the front of the current Simply Knitting and braid so I can crack on with some ornie finishing this holiday (I did remember the foam core as well).

Notes to self: being on the wagon for stash also includes wool! Posted by Picasa


BeckySC said...
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BeckySC said... passed you right on by, Karoline :) !!! Maybe you can catch the next one ;) ;)!!!!

Lovely wool :) :) :)

Scully said...

Oohh that colour is gorgeous Karoline. Let's hope I get to fondle it IRL!