Toccata No.2 Update

Been a while since I shared some progress pictures. Here's Toccata No 2 which I'm stitching in a SAL with Junette in Australia and Beverly in Texas on the weekends. Progress has been a bit stop/start with different holidays but I've now completed the top section. Hopefully I'll be happy dancing this before too long. Posted by Picasa


BeckySC said…
Toccata is looking great!
I love your Sampler House exchanges-sent and recieved :)
Good work!
KarenV said…
Ooooh, this is looking beautiful Karoline :) I really must get back to mine - I've neglected it since March!
Kim said…
Wow! That is very impressive, I really love this one. :D
Kitty said…
Having seen this in the flesh (so to speak) this photo is great but it really doesn't do it justice. I'm still very impressed with your work on such an intricate piece. Can't wait to see the finished thing :)

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