2005 Stitching Review and 2006 Goals

2005 was a good stitching year for me, mainly because I got rid of one of the biggest impediments to my stitching in completing my Masters Degree at the end of April Yay!!! I also managed to complete some extremely longstanding wips (up to 10 years old in one case), which helped in renewing my enthusiasm for my stitching. In numerical terms this was a very successful year as I finished 34 pieces, however a lot of them were small designs. Here’s the full list:

Candace Bahouth - Medieval Nights Waistcoat
Lavender & Lace - Angel of Grace
Merry Cox - Swan Lake Mending Bag
The Drawn Thread - The Sanctuary
CA Wells - Little Mermaid Pocket
Shepherds Bush - Cotswold Sampler
Blackbird Designs - Thistle Manor
Valerie Pfeiffer - Simply Wren
Shepherds Bush - Thisbies Needleroll
La d da - Angel Cat
The Victoria Sampler – Beyond Cross Stitch 5-5
The Victoria Sampler - Beyond Cross Stitch 5-6
The Victoria Sampler - Beyond Cross Stitch 5-7
The Victoria Sampler - Beyond Cross Stitch 5-8
The Victoria Sampler - California Heart
The Drawn Thread - Heart Throb Fob
The Drawn Thread - Spring Fob
The Drawn Thread - Forget me Knot Keeper
Ackworth Medallion - Pin Wheel
Indigo Rose - Nantucket Pincushion
Periwinkle Promises - Star Sampler Stocking
Hollie Designs - Christmas Fob
Chessie & Me - Chessies Tree
Claire Hatton Designs - Poinsetta Sampler
Crossed Wing Collection - Not even a mouse
DTK Originals - Mini needleroll
Dragon Dreams - Keepsake Ornie
The Drawn Thread - Home for the Holidays
Little by Little Design Co - My Little Christmas Gift
Mosey'n'me - A flower for a friend
Essie's Friends - Shoot for the Moon
Midsummer Night Designs - In the Pink
Lilybet Designs - Pink House
Wild Heart Designs - Flower of Courage

This year has also been a good one for getting finished pieces framed and finished. I found a very reasonably priced framer through a LNS near to where my sister used to live and I have been getting one piece framed a month this year. Which has meant the framing pile has gone down this year and my walls are filling up J I have also started to get things ‘finished’ as have I finished the stitching on them since August so at least the pile isn’t getting any larger. One of my goals for 2006 is to start reducing it.

So onto my 2006 goals:
I would like to finish 2 of the 3 large wips I have on the go at the moment, Just Nan’s Silkwood Manor and Teresa Wentzler’s Dragon Ride. As far as my other large wip goes -Dragon Dreams Dragon Virtues Afgan, I think that there is about 18 months stitching left in it so I just want to get significant progress in on it. I’m about at the half way point on this one so I would like to be at or past three quarters of the way through by the end of the year.

I would like to finish at least two of the outstanding class projects that I have: CA Well’s Finishing Companion and Merry Cox’s Birds and Berries. Depending on who Susan has over teaching this year and the pre-stitching requirements then I may also make progress on CA’s Pyramid Etui as well.

I plan on staying up todate with the Essie’s friend’s mailings from Elegant Stitch and I want to carry on stitching ornies.

The only new start that I am definitely going to do this year is The Victoria Sampler Heirloom Anniversary Sampler for my parents 40th anniversary in October. I’m not going to predict what other starts I will have because (a) one of my favorite designers will almost certainly release something that’s must stitch this year and (b) what’s screaming at me now will change regularly through out the year as slots open in my rotation.

I’m planning on keeping my rotation fairly small with just 3 slots for large pieces and a focus slot for a small/medium sized piece that will get worked on in between the large ones. I have a large number of medium to small designs in my stash that I would like to get round to stitching this year. The focus slot will also allow me to slot exchange/gift stitching into my rotation easily.

And finally as already mentioned I’d like to get my ‘to be finished’ pile down in 2006.

Congratulations if you’ve made it to the end LOL. My thanks to everyone who has read and commented on my blog this year I really appreciate the comments.

Happy New Year Everyone


Carol said…
Oh my! You sure did get a lot done in 2005 - very impressive!! Happy New Year!!
Scully said…
Wow! You certainly achieved a lot in 2005 Karoline, even with the masters ongoing! I hope you manage to fulfill all your goals for this year too!

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