September Achievements and October Goals

My Goals for September were:
To finish and 'finish' LaDaDa's Angel Cat by the 6th September - Done
To finish the back stitching on 'Compassion' and stitch the next filler star – Finished Compassion and got the bulk of the stitching on the filler star done
To finish the over one section on Silkwood Manor and start the house – Done, finished the verse and one of the butterfly's and made a start on the house
Kick the frogs away from Dragon Ride and make some progress – Done, finally got the border outlines stitched and started the knotwork, also made a good start on the dragons tail
Start the pre-stitching on CA's Mermaid pocket – Done almost finished the borders
Get caught up on Toccata No 2 then continue the Sunday SAL - Done
Finish an ornie - Nope
Finish the next essie's friends piece – Done
Work on the From the Heart pocket – Briefly, I had started too far down the fabric so frogged what was already done and have now restarted.
My Goals for October are:
To finish the filler star on Dragon Virtues and stitch at least half of the next dragon ‘Freedom’
To get half way down the house on Silkwood Manor
To finish one of the colours in the knotwork border, finish the stitching of the tail on Dragon Ride
Finish the pre-stitching on CA’s Mermaid pocket.
Continue the Toccata no 2 SAL
Complete the next essie’s friends piece
Finish an ornie
Finish the next two bands on the ‘From the Heart’ pocket


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