Owie and a dance!

Flower for a Friend by Mosey 'n' Me Posted by Picasa
Oww because one of the muscles in my back went into spasm at the weekend, by yesterday I was struggling to do anything. Fortunately I was able to get into the chiropractor and after she did some serious manipulation I was feeling battered but definitely had some more movement.Just as well as I was heading home the heavens opened and I got totally soaked on the way to the station.
Obviously with my back playing up sitting down for long to stitch has been interesting but I’ve been able to finish the first Essie’s Friend design from Elegant Stitch. I’m really pleased with it and even D who umed when I told him about it is impressed with the finished piece.


Scully said…
Ouch! Hope the back heals soon karoline and congrats on your HD, it looks really sweet!

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