Finally got bitten by the knitting bug

After a seriously frustrating day at work on Thursday I didn't have the mental energy of stitching so I got out some yarn I'd bought on spec a few weeks ago and started a scarf. This is after 24hrs knitting. Seems a little strange that 30 odd years after my Nana taught me to knit by doing garter stitch scarfs I'm knitting them again! I'm using Lanartus Clown yarn Posted by Picasa


Karin L said…
Hi Karoline, I love your scarf. Very pretty colours!!
I've added your page to my links, hope you don't mind!!
Scully said…
Karoline it looks fab. I am impressed. Has Rachel's brilliant progress rubbed on on you! Look forward to seeing it in the flesh :)
Heather said…
Love the scarf. I think that's what some of my family will get for Christmas this year, I caught the knitting bug again after many years.

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