Karoline’s Rotation Musings and July Goals

Having successfully finished up some longstanding wips that have been blocking up my rotation I’ve found myself in the fortunate position of reevaluating my rotation as my previous scheme had been geared to finishing off those wips.
I only have one long standing large wip left, Dragon Virtues Afgan which is about 40% complete. My other large wip’s are new starts, Just Nan’s Silkwood Manor and TW’s Dragon Ride. On considering were I am with these I have decided that I’m not going to have a focus piece for the time being as I just want to see significant progress on all of them. So my current rotation plan is to work one week of each month from Monday to Friday on each of these wips.
The last week of the month I will work from Monday to Friday again on one of the class pieces I have that need finishing. At weekends I’m currently doing a SAL on a Sunday with Beverly and Junette on Toccata no 2 so Saturdays I’m going to work on smaller projects so I can ‘strip’ a few of them! Currently this project is Lizzie Kate’s Spring Button Up.
My goals for July are:
To finish the backstitching on Strength, stitch the next filler square and start the cross-stitching on the next dragon block
To get past the halfway point on the left hand border on Silkwood Manor
To finish stitching the border rectangles on Dragon Ride and make a start on the dragon.
To stitch Lizzie Kate’s Spring Button Up
To start the From the Heart Pocket


Scully said…
Sounds like a good plan Karoline! I can't believe how nice the DD Dragon Virtues is in person. I love that afghan. Keep us updated with piccies!

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