May Achievements and June Goals

For May my goals were:
Make The Sanctuary my focus piece and finish it – I put it in the focus slot but didn’t get as much stitching in on holiday as I thought I might but I’m now over ¾ finished.
Finish Medieval Nights – Done! (after 10 years of stitching don’t hold your breath for the finishing LOL!)Finish the stitched gift for the seasonal exchange – No
Finish an ornie - NoWork on Dragon Virtues and CA Well’s finishing companion – Worked on Dragon Virtues, I’m about halfway through the cross-stitching on ‘Strength’. No work on the ‘Finishing Companion’, going to SAL with Susan on it.
Start JN’s Silkwood Manor – Yes

For June my goals are:
To finish the Sanctuary
To finish the stitching on May’s Ornie
To finish SB’s Thisbe’s Needle Roll
To finish the stitched gift for the seasonal exchange
To start SAL on Toccata No 2
To start SAL on CA Well’s Finishing Companion
To start Dragon RideTo continue working on Dragon Virtues and Silkwood Manor


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