June Achievements

My goals for June were as follows:
To finish the Sanctuary – Yes!! I finished it this morning, picture to follow.
To finish the stitching on May’s Ornie – Done, I finished Not even a Mouse by the Crossed wing
To finish SB’s Thisbe’s Needle Roll – Started and finished in the first week of the month.
To finish the stitched gift for the seasonal exchange – Worked on this but I decided to focus on finishing the Sanctuary, should finish in the next couple of days
To start SAL on Toccata No 2 – Yes, we’ve finished the middle row
To start SAL on CA Well’s Finishing Companion – Not yet
To start Dragon Ride – Yes! Not got very far, I’m still stitching the outside rectangleTo continue working on Dragon Virtues and Silkwood Manor – Yes I’ve finished the cross stitching on another Dragon block, Strength and stitched some more of the border on Silkwood Manor.


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