Arrgh My Body is falling to bits

I get back home from India (posts to come on that honest!) needing to crack on with my project as it's due on 21st April and having major deadlines at work and every bug in the vicinity decides to use me as a playground...I've had a viral sore throat and ear infection; thankfully on the way out now. Plus I've managed to pick up a major dose of Athletes Foot (Yuck) and the ultimate a mystery pain in my left hand near the knuckle of the left hand that makes it extremely painful to stitch in hand :( which of course is the majority of my wips at the moment. I have a couple that are on the scroll frames so I can use my Lowery, but I really wanted to work on some of the older ones. It’s also painful to do things such as typing but easing up on that isn’t an option till the end of April of course :\so by not stitching is the only way of resting my hand. Sigh


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