January Achievements and February Goals

I had several goals for January
Finish the Pre-stitching for the Merry Cox classes in Feb - I finished the stitching on Birds and Berries and the stitching on the bag for the Swan Lake Mending Bag, the smalls for it are still in progress but it's unlikely that I would get to making those in the class so it’s not so important that they get finished. ‘Finish’ the Acorn Thread Keeper - Done
Stitch an ornie - Done, stitched the Periwinkle Promises Star Stocking kit I had in my stash.
Stitch 10 hrs on the Finishing Companion - Nope, the MC prestitching took longer than anticipated
Firm up my Masters project - getting there exceptionally slowly, I got TMA 02 in eventually but it was over 2 weeks late and it’s all still really vague. I really need to get my preverbals in gear!

My goals for February are:
To finish the Merry Coxes Birds and Berries Sewing Case at the class on Saturday
To make a dent in stitching the smalls for Swan Lake Mending Bag
To complete the Swan Lake Mending Bag at the class on Sunday
'Finish' January's ornie
Stitch an Ornie
Finish SB’s Cotswold Sampler
Stitch on Angel of Grace
Get my next coursework in before I leave for India
To get everything ready for my trip to India without it being a mad rush next week!


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