Rotation Musings 2005

2004 Accomplishments - I finished 24 pieces, 2 large ones Floral Bellpull and Marriage of Minds, 7 medium sized ones and 15 small.

I started last year with 8 projects in my rotation and finished it with 10, as this is a slightly too high a number and with 4 class projects in there; not enough variety for my personal stitching Zen, my first priority this year is to get this number down.

My rotation is currently:
Candace Bahouth – Needlepoint Waistcoat (75%)
Lavender and Lace – Angel of Grace (75%)
Dragon Dreams – Dragon Virtues Afgan (30%)
Drawn Thread – The Sanctuary (45%)
Shepherds Bush – Cotswold Sampler (60%)
CA Wells – Finishing Companion (10%)
CA Wells – Pyramid Etui (<5%)
Merry Cox – Swan Lake Mending Bag pre-stitching
Merry Cox – Birds and Berries Sewing Case pre-stitching
Victoria Sampler – Beyond Cross Stitch 5-5 (travel project)

As the Merry Cox pieces are for a class at the beginning of February I’m going ‘ex rotatio’ for January to get the pre-stitching completed before the class so they can go into a ‘finishing’ slot afterwards.

From February onwards Angel of Grace will be the focus piece in a 10 hour rotation, I’d like to get her finished by May when it’s the 10th birthday of the girl I’m stitching her for. In order to make a dent in the class projects I’m acquiring I’m planning on using the class project SAL on the Legacy board as an ‘acceleration slot’ to get at least 10 hours a month in on one of them starting with the Finishing Companion.

My overall goals for this year are to finish Angel of Grace, The Sanctuary, Finishing Companion, Swan Lake Mending Bag. I only have one new start planned DT’s Souvenir Sampler but that could change when Cynthia releases ‘Sampler of Stitches’.

Also this year should see me finishing my Masters course in April (fingers crossed), which should mean a serious increase in my stitching time this summer!


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