Circular 2, January 4th, 2005

Circular 2, January 4th, 2005

We are circulating some more information below. For those of you in the UK, we are still waiting to hear from our bank to confirm the name of the account this should be Homeworkers Worldwide Appeal. This will be a fund to be sent direct to organisations working on the ground in the affected areas, particularly those working with women.

Jane is going to Tamilnadu on 9
th January and if youwould like to make an immediate donation, please contact the office

Tamilnadu, India January 3
Viji Srinivasan, from Adithi, is currently visiting a fishing village, with home-based workers making dried fish. It is next to the famous town and church Velankanni, supposed to make
miracle cures. It is in Nagapattinam district, in Tamilnadu. The people there urgently need saris, blouses, vessels for cooking, water- purifier tablet. In the long term they will also need nets and other things for fishing. (Note: the things needed are available locally, so cash donations are the most useful.)

Sri Lanka

Women’s Development Centre
The Women’s Development Centre is an NGO with offices in different parts of Sri Lanka, implementing a wide range of programmes with women in different communities.

They are currently working in relief activities in the East, in two areas, Ampara and Batticaloa. At the moment they are working on providing water, medicine and food, and doing counselling work with survivors. In addition, there are a lot of orphaned children and separated families. They are trying to help separated families to be reunited and getting children back to school. There is an urgent need in the area for dry clothes and for medical kits.

In the longer-term, they have plans to work on rehabilitation with women and family units. All kinds of people in Sri Lanka have been working actively to help affected people, but there is still a problem with necessary aid reaching people, particularly in the rural areas.

Kumudhini Rosa Kumudhini Rosa has also been working with people in the East in immediate relief work. She is working with GTZ on a programme involving providing materials for people to rebuild their houses. In one area she visited, 4,000 houses had been destroyed. Kumudhini is starting a fund
to supply immediate needs that are not covered by the big programmes. For example, she mentioned that children need things so that they are able to go back to school. She will circulate information in the next few days.

From: upc
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2005 8:52 PM

In the first day of the year 2005, Aceh is still far from being recovered. There are 79.940 persons dead and 1.243 missing, they are widespread in 12 areas.

No Subdistrict/Town Dead Missing 1 Banda Aceh 15.000
2 Aceh Jaya 15.000
3 Aceh Besar 14.223
4 Sabang 12.016
5 Aceh Barat 10.200
6 Calang 5.000
7 Pulau Aceh 4.000
8 Aceh Utara 1.540 449
9 Pidie 1.359
10 Bireuen 594
11 Nagan Raya 500 700
12 Aceh Timur 224 5
13 Lhokseumawe 157 89
14 Krueng Mane 117
15 Aceh Selatan 6
16 Simeulue Island 4
Total 79.940 1.243
Sources: Metro TV, 1st January 2005, 11. 00 Indonesian time.

Distribution of aid from Aceh's airport to camps of refugee is still facing big problem since Indonesian military (who is responsible in managing aid in the airport) hasn't opened access to other parties, such as NGOs, who want to participate to distribute aid to the victims. It is
worsened by the lacking of effectivity of military personels as they are exhausted after working continuously for the last 5 days.

It is only the head of the village of the refugee camps which have access to aid accumulated in the airport. To get such access, NGOs must bring letter from Vice Governor of Aceh. This policy has made many information centers lack of aid as they don't have access to the Vice Governor.

Many dead bodies haven't been evacuated, because of the limited transportation vehicles and volunteers. Many of volunteers in Aceh has been exhausted after several days working. However,volunteers from other cities in Indonesia are difficult to reach ACeh since the limit of
flight to Aceh. In Jakarta thousands of volunteers are ready waiting to be sent to Aceh.

Villages in mountainous area such as village Lampeneun (consists of 400 persons), Denong (consists of 200 persons), Utakarang and Nesok, are still waiting food supply, Only Lampeneun and Denong which have got food supply from the government. Utakarang and Nesok are still isolated.

In capital city of Aceh, Banda Aceh, occurs five earthquakes today. This situation frighten many people in staying inside their houses. It also worsen people's psychological condition.

UPLINK's efforts
Urban Poor Linkage Indonesia in cooperation with Miserior Germany is now arranging to sent 40.000 kilograms of aid from Jakarta to Aceh. Because of the difficulty in transportation, only 2.000 kilograms of plastic corpse which have been sent to Aceh and have been distributed to
military in sub district 0101 (KODIM 0101) to be used to evacuated corpses.

Other aid which is still waiting to be sent from Jakarta to Aceh:

1. corpse bags 2,000 kgs
2. Milk 1,250 boxes @24 bottles
3. Sanitary napkin 10,000 boxes @ 10 pieces
4. biscuits 300 boxes @96 pieces
5. Tooth brushes 2,500 dozens
6. Gas Mask 1 boxes
7. woman underwear 2000 dozens
8. Balsam 30,000 bottles
9. Sarong 10,000 pcs
10. Blanket 30,000 pcs
11. Soap 30,000 pcs
12.tooth paste 30,000 pcs
13. glove 1,000 pcs

UPLINK`s National Secretariat, Urban Poor Consortium (Konsorsium Kemiskinan Kota)-Jakarta, is receiveing donation for the victims of Aceh. Konsorsium Kemiskinan Kota Account number: 230-3000097
BCA KCU Kalimalang


Where is the government?
The role of government in assisting victims is still minimum. Many camps haven't received any aids. Aids which are accumulated in Airport of Aceh haven't evently distributed to refugee camps.

Until yesterday, refugees in Lamreh Atas haven't received any aid. They tries to get some food by looking for things washed away in the river.In Cot Iri, there are three babies dead since people stay in the camp. In Bandara Blang Bintang, people eats instant noodle, they haven't receive any rice. They stay in very poor quality tents. Ironically, high quality (and full of food supply) military and Jakarta's Government tents are erected only 50 meters from them.

Telecommunication in Aceh has not been recovered. Internet connection is still cut off. Electricity is relied on generator machines.

UPLINK Indonesia has sent 2 volunteers to Aceh, they are Yanto and Lilik. They join with another UPLINK Indonesia volunteer, M. Berkah Gamulya, which has been join with FORUM LSM in Aceh since 30 December 2004. There are now about 80 volunteers from many NGOs and university in FORUM LSM

UPLINK Indonesia in cooperation with Misereor Germany, has sent 2 tons of corpse bag and 4 tons of milk to Aceh. 30 tons of aid haven't been sent since cargo flight from Jakarta to Aceh is very limited.

FORUM LSM Aceh covers 18.273 refugee in 20 camps:
1.Taman Budaya 300
2.TVRI 3000
3.Mataie 1 35
4.Mataie 2 3000
5.Gedung DPRD 300
6.Tungkup 100
7.Kaju-SMIK 1.360
8.Kaju-neuheun 270
9.Indra Patra 1500
10.Neuheun 2500
11.Manasamun 500
12.Lamreh Atas 50
13.Lamreh Bawah 101
14.Lamreh Belakang 200
15.Cot Ilie 30
16.Cot Cut 226
17.SD Buncala 1700
18.Bandara Blang Bintang 1401
19.Lamlong/Lumbata 200
20.Lampeuneret 1500
Total 18.273
UPLINK`s National Secretariat
Urban Poor Consortium

For further information about Aceh go to the website
Information circulated by HWW, January 4th 2005.


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