A Very Special Present

Looks the picture of innocence doesn't she, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! This sweet thing decided we need a special gift - a very large (thankfully very dead) rat deposited in the corner of the bedroom!!! I don't think we took it in the spirit in which it was intended LOL!!! Posted by Hello


Gina said…
Good grief. I think I would really freak at a rat! I have had birds and mice but nothing bigger than a blackbird.
KarenV said…
Yeah, I wouldn't be too keen on a rat, either!

Our two are good mousers and I know Maisie's had birds, but nothing too big, thankfully.

She's a cutie, BTW :)
Erica said…
What a CUTIE kitty! She just needs to be educated on proper gift giving etiquette! :)

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