September Progress and October Goals

Slightly late in the day but here is a recap of my September Goals:
  • Get 3/4's of the way through DT's Marriage of Minds - Pretty much achieved
  • Finish Hillside Samplings My Stitching Chair Necessaire - Done
  • Decide on the ornie's I'm stitching this year, stitch at least one - Done, stitched one and half
  • Progress my rotation - Worked on my needlepoint waistcoat
  • Finish my last coursework on time! - Done
My goals for October are:
  • Finish DT's Marriage of Minds
  • Finish two ornies
  • Try to progress my rotation
  • Get enough exam revision in and make it thro' the exam with my sanity intact
To try to help me achieve these goals I've been revamping my rotation as with finishing Hillside Sampling's My Stitching Chair Necessaire in September I finished this round. For the next round I’ve decided to make Drawn Threads Marriage of Minds a focus, so it will be getting a full ten hours between the other slots and every other slot will be an ornie.

So my rotation is now:
  • DT- Marriage of Minds
  • Ornie
  • Rotation Piece
  • Ornie…
My Rotation pieces are:
Candace Bahouth – Mediaeval Nights needlepoint waistcoat
Lavender & Lace – Angel of Grace
Dragon Dreams – Dragon Virtues Afgan
Drawn Thread – The Sanctuary
Shepherds Bush – Cotswold Sampler

I also have a slot for class pre-stitching, I’m currently waiting on the kits for some CA Wells classes that I’m taking in November to arrive when they do I may rearrange or go ex-rotaito I haven’t decided yet, depends on how close to the class it gets.


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