Well it's been a while...

Every time I think I must update this it falls to the bottom of the todo list. Oh well!

So what's been happening:

Most importantly I finished Floral Bellpull! I still need to finish it as a bellpull, that next weeks job LOL. I also finished the Drawn Thread Fobs that I was stitching for the visitors at work as well as CA Well's Needle Cottage for Susan, my partner in the Seasonal Exchange.

Now I've finished the two immediate ex rotatio pieces I was working on it's time to get back to my other WIP's most of which have been on the go for over a year and haven't been worked on more than once this year. However I've signed up for a couple of classes that will need some pre-stitching doing and I want to get some ornies stitched. I've also started a SAL on Drawn Threads Marrage of Minds with a friend.

So my plan is:-
At the weekends I will be stitching on my SAL piece.

During the week I will work a 10 hour rotation with a focus slot in between each piece comprising

L&L Angel of Grace
Dragon Dreams Virtues Afgan
Drawn Thread The Sanctuary
Hillside Samplings My Stitching Chair Necessaire
Whitney Julip - Seasonal Fobs

The focus slot will be the ornies to start with, the class pre stitching will replace the Hillside Samplings in the main rotation when that is complete, I only have the finishing left to do and will become the focus when the others are done.

When the Whiney Julip fobs are finished I'll replace them with other small pieces to allow for regular HD's and new starts.

I got into a routine when I was stitching Floral Bellpull to ensure I got enough stitching time in that I want to continue, which means I should finish one slot a week. Thats the plan anyway!


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