June Goals

So how did I do against my goals for May?
I finished the Pansies on Floral Bellpull
I finished Spring Arbor
I didn`t get 10 hours in on any of my rotation pieces as I had to go ex rotatio to work on a piece for my partner in the Seasonal Exchange - but as I did get 10 hrs in I consider this goal met!
My Goals for June:
Finish the stitching on Floral Bellpull
Finish my stitched piece for the Seasonal Exchange.
Stitch 3 of the DT freebie scissor fobs as gifts.

I also had a non-stitching goal of keeping up with my OU study timetable - which I haven`t quite achieved, however I`m only a week behind which is good going for me!
This month I have my first coursework due so obviously that is a goal.

For the bank holiday weekend we decided to spend a night in the North Yorks Moors. On Sunday we headed on upto Rievaulx Abbey and Helmsey, taking in the walled garden, which is unrecognisable from the last time we visited when it had only just opened to the public. We also got some seriously yummy ice-cream from the shop there. We spent the night at a lovely B&B on the edge of Ampleforth, Shallowdale House, and were treated to some first rate food. On the Monday we went for a long walk from Ampleforth round Bylands Abbey and back. Of course as I’d packed my waterproof and forgotten the sun cream it was glorious weather & I got sunburnt! Typical!


Not me said…
I know what you mean about dressing for the weather. Last year, DH and I went to Niagara Falls. I wore my shorts and t-shirt - should have had a rain jacket on instead.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend, though!

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