May Stitching Goals

So a little late in the day here are my May Stitching Goals
Finish the Pansey Panel on Floral Bellpull
Finish Spring Arbor
and try to work on at least one other Wip.

These goals are not going well at the moment as I`ve been subject to a protracted visit by the Frog. First I found I was a stitch out in the trees on Spring Arbor (after I`d started in on the border of course :/) so I had to frog what I`d done on the border & two of the tree`s. That's now been stitched & hopefully I'll finish next weekend. And now I`ve realised I`ve mixed up some of my greens on this new panal of Floral Bellpull so I take out what I've stitched of the Pansies so far - ARGH!!!


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