Been a good week for Stash :)

Sometime soon I'm going to have to work out how to spread my postal stash out over a month rather than have it all turn up in the space fo a few days LOL.

So the first to arrive was my FOTM from Silkweavers a beautiful fat quarter of 36 count Seaspun. Then yesterday I got Just Nan's Wings Chart & bead pack from my wonderfull Secret Stitcher Florabell. Today I walked down to the Post Office Depot to pick up a package from Elegant Stitch that was too big for my postbox, it contained the supplys for the piece I'm stitching for my Seasonal Exchange Partner, Susan. The mat for Drawn Threads Winter Arbor and Just Nan's Beaded Rose & Gingham Quilt. Then when the post arrived it contained another Just Nan design, a shop exclusive for The Silver Needle - Twenty Flowers needlecase & the finishing kit for it. Hey ho back on the Wagon again methinks!

Been plugging away at Floral Bellpull this week, when I found some time to carefully study where I'd gone wrong it wasn't quite as bad as I feared. I'd managed to just stitch one symbol(the bicolour circle) in the colours for the black heart; the blends are next to each other on the organiser card & I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing :\. So I spent a frustrating evening frogging that symbol but it would have been a whole lot more soul destroying if I’d had to do the lot like I thought. Another couple of hours stitching & I should have the first picture of this square.


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