Hmmm where did the last two months go?

Well we had a nice, low key, relaxing holiday. We were staying in a small cottage, that had been converted from a farm outbuilding in a village on the Warwickshire end on the Cotswolds. We spent the first part of the week walking as the weather was nice and sunny. The highlight of the walks was visiting the Rollright Stones, a bronze age stone circle which had a very special vibe. During the week we visited Stratford, Warwick and Oxford and most importantly (lol) three very nice LNS’s at Burford, Shipton upon Stour and Cricklade where I gave my CC a good workout. I went on a bit of a Just Nan binge again, I got 4 of the big samplers, Snowfire Christmas, My Lady’s Heart, Perseverance, 4 wishes and 2 small charts. I also picked up Patricia Ann’s Shimmering Seashells and a load of speciality threads and beads I need to kit things up.


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