Christmas 2017

Before I get onto how we spent our Christmas Holidays here is my progress on last weeks projects:

Stitching - I worked on my Scottish Sampler 1757 from the Goodhart Sampler book by Needleprint, I was working on this one over Christmas and decided that I would keep on with it until I get to the end of this alphabet.


Knitting - I got back to the Hoodie I started knitting for Rosalin last year.  She choose the yarn and pattern last Easter holidays so I need to get this finished before she grows out of it.  This is knit from a King Cole pattern (I will try and get the number for my next update) and the yarn is the called for King Cole Riot.  I can't say I'm particularly enjoying knitting with this yarn, it's a bit too plasticy for my tastes but it's what she wanted.  I have knit the back and am about to start dividing for the neck on the front.


Reading - I have finished 'One by One in the Darkness' by Deirdre Madden. I read this for Leeds Book Club, it's very much a book of it's time, written just after the Good Friday Agreement it tells the story of three sisters from Northern Ireland and the impact of the Troubles on their lives.


Our Christmas Holiday's where spent visiting my sister in New Zealand. We had a fantastic time hanging out with her and her husband and we did a road trip from Wellington to Auckland.  Unfortunately I don't have time to share many photo's on here but if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen them already.  A couple of particular highlights were that we visited Hobbiton on our last day which was just utterly awesome!


And we got to see an actual kiwi, it was having a health check at Rainbow Springs wildlife park.


Most exciting was that I got to meet up with a couple of long term stitching friends Katrina and Kath.  Kath and I were too busy chatting to remember to take a picture but Katrina did :) It was so wonderful to meet them both after being online friends since the days of the stitching BB's.


And of course some stash was acquired!



Jackie said…
Your sampler and hoodie look wonderful! It sounds and looks like a wonderful holiday. How nice to meet longtime blogging friends!
Margaret said…
Love your projects. And yes, I enjoyed following your trip to NZ, especially the Hobbiton picture! Lucky you! So great to meet up with your friends too!
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